The Sunday Chatter #5 | Hello Autumn

I feel like autumn is a time for new beginnings and a fresh start. Summer has gone for another year and the colder seasons are upon us. What better time to start a fresh then now.

I want to believe that this season will be a time of change for me, a new beginning where I can learn and grow. I’m not going to lie to you here – this year has been tough. Very tough. I haven’t been well all year and what with anxiety playing a part and my extreme fear of needles and sick its all been a bit much. That is why I am desperately trying to pick myself up and become a better person and try and overcome these fears in order to feel better. I just wanted to mention this because I’ve felt utterly horrible all week and it gets me down quite a lot. The doctors seem to think its an acid problem which causes me to feel sick and have a bit of a painful/uncomfortable chest. Please let me know if you’ve experienced anything similar; I feel quite alone with it all.

This whole week overall hasn’t been particularly interesting, I just wanted to open up on here and have a good old chat! I’m thinking of saving up for the new iPhone 6s – but I can’t decide if I like the rose gold? Any opinions? Maybe I’ll go for silver! Feeling a bit of a change with my phone (see what I did there, keeping on the theme of change) haha. I’ve also discovered some new music this week to keep my mind distracted from things, I’ve been loving the song ‘Sober’ by Childish Gambino and also ‘Wildest Dreams’ by Ryan Adams. He actually covered the whole of Taylor’s 1989 album. However I had never heard her version because she doesn’t allow it to be on Spotify!

Anyway I managed to take some pictures this week as the beginning of autumn has rolled in! I was pretty impressed with them, not going to lie. So hello autumn.

How has your week been?