A Change In The Weather

Surprise post today since I don’t usually post on a Thursday but I took some photos of this evenings sky and lit a Jo Malone candle (okay so its my Mums candle). But anyway I really want to get into posting more of my photography which is what I really love, still expect beauty posts though. I thought what better time to start with these types of posts than now?

Today’s weather was particularly disgusting – grey and gloomy. My least favourite type of weather, I’m just not a fan. I suppose I don’t mind so much if I’m in the safety of my own home with a candle burning and have the heating on. However todays gross weather turned into some pretty cool photo opportunities. The sky turned a very off yellow colour then into this very odd pinky/purple shade. Yes the photo is unedited and the sky genuinely looked like that – which is pretty cool if you ask me. So despite winter being my least favourite season of them all, turns out it can produce some pretty cool photos. I hope the weather perks up soon though, its a mood killer. A girl needs her sunshine haha! I hope you enjoyed this type of post, expect more coming in the near future!

Lucy x