A Mini Ikea Haul

About a week ago I took a trip to Ikea mainly for some new furniture. I got a little carried away and picked up a few other things for my room.

First of all I picked up a Skurar Candle Holder – I’m sure loads of people have seen these before. I do actually own one already to hold my makeup brushes but I just had to pick up another one. I’m using this one to hold my little metal fairy lights which actually aren’t from Ikea, but from Wilko. They were such a bargain! I think this looks really pretty. Second up is a Sinnlig, which obviously is a candle. This does actually have a scent and its heavenly. It doesn’t specifically say what the scent is but I believe is something like sea salt. At only 85p its a win win situation. Lastly we have a Fejka and Socker. Probably my favourite things in this little haul. The grass is artificial so thats good for me since I’ve managed to kill one of my cacti already..who does that?! I think this is going to add a little pop of colour into my very white and grey room. I also love the pot I bought to put it in – fitting in with my grey colour scheme. 

Have you bought anything from Ikea lately?

Lucy x