Last Minute Gift Ideas

Theres always going to be that one person you’re just stuck on what to buy for. I’ve gathered a few last minute gift ideas for when you’re struggling to find something for that someone!

01. Fluffy Socks – Lets be honest you can never go wrong with fluffy/cosy socks. Primark do the biggest variety these days so theres plenty to choose from. They’re super cosy and who doesn’t love popping on fluffy socks on a cold evening watching movies?!

02. A Body Butter – The one I’ve picked out is from The Body Shop in the Mango scent (which smells amazing). You can’t go wrong with a body moisturiser/butter, they’ll get used up eventually. Pick one with a scent you know the person you’re buying for will love then voila!

03. A Jar of Nutella – I’m a serious Nutella addict, I could honestly just sit there and eat it out of the jar. If you know someone who is a Nutella addict like me then a jar of this would be just perfect. Equally you could buy them a jar of peanut butter, or Cadbury’s chocolate spread if they’re not such a big Nutella fan.

04. A Phone Case – I’m pretty sure the majority of people use a phone case. There are millions to choose from online and on the high street. My one photographed is from Casehype and I think its a really cool design. Find out what phone to person you’re buying for has and find a phone case you think they’ll love! 

05. A Yankee Candle – Yankee candles are honestly the best. You could buy them a Christmas themed one, or another scent you know they’ll love. Theres such a variety to choose from, they’re bound to like one of the scents. I think this is an easy but still very thoughtful gift for someone.

What are your last minute gift ideas?

Lucy x