Things To Do A Week Before Christmas

First things first – I kind of failed at Blogmas this year. I ran out of time and ideas to be honest, should have planned ahead! Note to self for next year. But I’m back today woo!

Christmas is a week away today to be exact, and I’m super excited. I’ve now finished college to so I have a week to kill, heres a few things I’ll be doing in the build up to Christmas!

01. Organise – I recently purchased this super cute notebook from Home Sense and its just so perfect for creating lists and things. Make sure you know who you’ve bought for and who you haven’t, if you’ve got enough wrapping paper and all that Christmasy jazz.

02. Plan Your Christmas Makeup – Okay so not everybody will want to do this, I mean its just a bit of makeup at the end of the day. But its exciting figuring out what lipstick you’ll be wearing, yano? Hope this isn’t just me haha!

03. Watch Christmas Movies – Stating the obvious a bit here. The week before Christmas is probably the best time to watch ALL the Christmas movies that ever existed! My favourites consist of Elf, Nativity and The Polar Express.

04. Decorate Your Room – Many people may have already done this but you can never be too Christmasy. If you’ve already got decorations up, find some more, go all out because theres no time like now to decorate as much as you want!

05. Get Out The Christmas Jumpers – I wish I had 7 Christmas jumpers to wear each day up until Christmas that’d be awesome. But if you have a few Christmas jumpers, of course theres no better time than this week to whip them out! I’ve got my Primark penguin one at the ready which I think I’ll cosy up in this evening.

What are your plans for this week?

Lucy x