Hair Colouring Experience

About two weeks ago I dyed the top section of my hair blonde, which just made me want to dye my hair pastel colours instantly haha…

I just wanted to share what I’ve found when bleaching and dying your hair different colours. So first up, if you want pastel hair you’re going to have to go a fair few shades lighter than your original hair colour and also you’re probably going to want to do a full head (expensive). However, I have brown hair naturally and only dyed the top section blonde. So when dying pastel colours, it didn’t pick up overly well and obviously it was just the top section that the colour took to. I tried two different brands and two different colours and I just wanted to show how I got on with them.

First off, I picked up the Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Kiss of Colour Playful Pink Treatment. Worlds longest name or what? I didn’t expect this to do much but it looked worth a go. You have to wash your hair then towel dry, and run this through the parts of your hair you want to dye. It comes out bright neon pink but that doesn’t transfer onto your hair. You have to leave this for about 10 minutes before rinsing it off. I must say I wasn’t THAT impressed, I thought it’d leave my hair much pinker. However where I had bleached my hair, it was a lovely pastel subtle pink which people did actually notice. In the end I really like how it turned out, this didn’t seem to damage my hair either and it felt quite nice and conditioned after use as well. 

Secondly, I picked up a Bleach London Super Cool Colour in Violet Skies. I’d heard really great things about these colours so I kinda had high expectations. I went in straight away and put this across all my blonde bits and left it on for 15 minutes like the bottle said. When I rinsed it off there was no change what so ever. Maybe the tiniest purple hint but it was very unnoticeable. I was pretty disappointed that I”d spent £5 on something that doesn’t work. However after about two days it showed up a bit more, I’m not sure if it needed time to develop or what? Anyway, it was still very subtle and probably not worth it. I think this would work really well if you had bright bleached hair all over. 

Do you have any hair colour recommendations?

Lucy x