Song Loving Sunday #1

I’m really into my music and there isn’t really a point in the day where I’m not listening to some form of music, so I thought I’d share a few songs I’ve been loving recently…

01. UGH / The 1975

The 1975 keep dropping singles from their upcoming album which is to be released in February and I’ve been loving this song, so different but so catchy.

02. Saturday Night Feeling / Willie J Healey

Not an artist I’ve ever heard of to be honest but this song is so relaxed and chilled, so perfect for a chilled evening.

03. Harder Without You / Deutsch Duke

Again, not an artist I’ve heard much about but it was on my discover weekly playlist on Spotify and I just loved. Its quite an upbeat song which really gets you going.

04. All in the Value / HONNE

I discovered this from Will Darbyshire on his Spotify playlist, I always have a listen to what hes listening to because I think he has good music taste and this song was one I happened to love as well.

05. Addict / Mike Dignam

I love Mike Dignam, his songs are really lovely and this one is very soothing and calming I just really love it.

06. Gently Let You Down / Compny

More of an indie pop song, which are personally my favourite kinda songs, I just love this its happy and upbeat!

07. Baby You’re Right / BABE

This sounds like it should belong to The 1975 this song, its very similar to their taste, possibly why I’ve been loving it so much!

08. Chewing Gum / Nina Nesbitt

I’ve loved Nina’s last album and when she released this song I knew I was going to love it, its just a great easy listen!

09. The Sound / The 1975

Surprise, surprise The 1975 have cropped up again haha. They’re my all time favourite band and The Sound honestly makes you want to jump up and dance around wherever you are!

10. Leaves / Crvvcks

Finally, I heard this song in Sun Beams Jess’ vlogs and was intrigued as to what song it was because I really liked it, and finally I found it. Again a very chilled, laid back song.

What songs have you been loving recently?

Lucy x