Review | OGX Coconut Milk Conditioner

I haven’t done a review of a product in quite sometime, and after purchasing and using this conditioner for a while I thought it deserved a review. There is a small hype around OGX products, with quite a few beauty gurus mentioning them, people like wanted to give them a try.


Always good to start with the pros right? I love the style of the packaging that OGX, although its proved not to be the most practical – I’ll move onto that in a bit. The product itself smells incredible, just what you’d expect, very coconutty. It claims to be ‘nourishing’ and it definitely lives up to the expectations. Its a very thick, rich conditioner and I can really feel it nourish my hair as I apply it and once I’ve rinsed it out. It honestly makes my hair feel so soft once its washed out. I’m pleased with how this feels in my hair and the results its given.

Okay, the cons. The worst thing about this, is actually trying to get the freaking product out the bottle, its a nightmare. The first few uses it was easy to get the product out but the more I used up the harder it was to get anything out the bottle. Obviously you have to use one hand when squeezing conditioner out so you can put it in your other hand, but oh my god you need to be super strong to get this out one handed. To be honest I’d say thats the only con with this product, the only other thing is it isn’t the cheapest for what it is. But I can’t complain that much because I do love it.

Have you tried anything from OGX?

Lucy x