The Sunday Chatter #7

Its been so long since my last Sunday chatter post, I’ve missed doing them! I decided it was appropriate to do one this week to explain why I haven’t been around as much in the blogging world.

Blogging has kind of taken the back seat the past few weeks which is so sad I know. College has had me so busy, its crazy. I’ve got a ton of course work to do, as my subjects are all very heavily course work based – which I don’t mind too much as I suck at exams. It just means I’ve had little time to get photos done before it gets dark and have the time to sit down and type up a full blog post that I’m happy with. I like to make sure my posts are the best they can be, so theres that. Alongside coursework, I’ve been learning to drive which takes up a lot of time. I’m enjoying it but finding it a little difficult to get used to, I honestly can’t wait until I’ve passed and am on the roads. I’m currently revising for my theory test as well which I’m praying I pass. Learning all this theory stuff is difficult you know, and kind of a pain! Hopefully I’ll be on the roads around summer time, which is when I’m most likely going to want to be driving around. 

Things I’ve been enjoying recently though is film photography. I bought myself a disposable camera at the beginning of the year and made a promise to myself that I’d take ‘film’ photos throughout the year and make a 2016 photo album by the end of the year, I think thats such a lovely way to document your memories from the past year. I’m also hopefully going up to London soon, which means I can take some nice photos and maybe an outfit post will come along with that?! Or possibly another come along with me post, I’m excited anyhow.

Sorry for a very word heavy post, I just felt like having a good old chat and I felt I should do a bit of explaining about where my life is right now – hopefully you managed to make your way through the majority of the post haha!

What have you been up to recently?

Lucy x