Beauty Tips I’ve Learnt Over The Years

I’ve learnt a lot of things about beauty the past few years so I thought I’d share a few…

01. Moisturiser isn’t just for dry skin types

For some reason for a long time, I had it stuck in my head that moisturiser should only be used by people who have dry skin. I have and always have had quite oily skin and I just assumed that by applying moisturiser it would make it worse. However I now know moisturiser can really help to keep the skin hydrated and it doesn’t make my skin any oilier.

02. Let somebody else do your eyebrows

Plucking your eyebrows is all well and good until you go overboard. I’ve had an incident where I’ve taken far too much off the front of my brow and it looks like I’d shaved a quarter of it off! I think its best to leave your eyebrows to the professionals, I like to get mine waxed now.

03. Winged eyeliner will take a while to master

I’m still trying to get the hang on winged eyeliner, its a tricky thing! I’ve found that felt tip liners are easier to use due to the thin tip. I’ve tried with gel eyeliners and I’ve just found them harder to get that winged effect, but I want to try again in the future!

04. You don’t need THAT much bluser

Oh wow are there some embarrassing pictures of me from a few years back with extremely flushed cheeks. I really liked to pack that on, silly me. Blush really is meant to give a natural looking flush to your face and isn’t meant to make you look like a clown. I tend to pick more natural shades nowadays.

05. Blending is key with eyeshadow

I used to think a smokey eye meant black eyeshadow all over the lid…without any blending. Its safe to say I looked horrendous and resembled a panda. Using a mixture of browns and neutral shades to create a smoky eye is a much better idea and actually looks kinda good. 

What beauty tips/things have you learnt over the years?

Lucy x