Come Along With Me | London #1




Ah London. I adore London and all that it has to offer, so on Sunday I went with a couple of friends to visit some art galleries and have a look around so here I am back with another come along with me post…

One of the courses I take at college is photography (which I just love) it requires you to have a look around some art/photography exhibitions and galleries. Which I really don’t mind because I love having a good old mooch around an art gallery. Our first stop was The National Portrait Gallery, and to be honest I wasn’t that impressed. We wanted to go to the Vouge 100 exhibition but it cost about £15 to get in, so that was a no go. I mean the paintings were lovely in the rest of the gallery but not my type of thing. So we ditched that and went for lunch in Pret. You can’t beat Pret in my opinion, the food is so good, and there is one on literally every corner in London. My friend had the nicest looking blueberry muffin which you can see above. I had a really good chocolate orange cookie but that was all gone before I had time to photograph it. After that we took the tube all the way back to the Tate Modern. I honestly love this gallery, so much to see and so many interesting bits. There was a huge art piece of plants/soil in triangles which formed the most interesting shape! I also photographed the buildings around the Tate and on the walk to it, a lot of new vs old architecture. And that was basically our day in London! There will definitely be more London posts in the future as I’ve got so much more to explore.

Whats your favourite thing to do whilst in London?

Lucy x