How To Enjoy Working Out At The Gym

I’ve only just started going to the gym really but I thought I’d share so of my tips/thoughts on how to enjoy your time there a little bit more…

01. Buy nice gym clothes

I think this is so important, maybe not essential but I think it’ll help so much. If you’ve got clothes you’re comfortable in and feel nice in, you’re more likely to go and get stuff done. Its always nice to have an outfit going on, and the gym should be no exception.

02. Find good music to listen to

I can’t not listen to music whilst I’m working out, it really motivates me. I think when you’re listening upbeat music it really ups your motivation and makes you want to work harder. One of my favourite albums to listen to whilst at the gym is ‘Adventure’ by Madeon. I’m not sure how well known Madeon is but I believe he is a young DJ and the songs on the album are predominately upbeat, electronic type of music. I’d really recommend you have a little listen!

03. Don’t force yourself

If one day you’ve planned to go the gym and by the end of the day you’re super tired, don’t force yourself into going because you won’t enjoy it. I think you need to push yourself yes, but going when you’re really not up for it isn’t worth it. Go when you feel most motivated as I think you’ll do best.

04. Set yourself a target

Go into the gym knowing what you’re going to do within that session. For example you could set yourself to do 5K on the bike, thats something to aim for and you’ll feel good once you’ve achieved it. Or you could set yourself a routine, so you spend 10 minutes on the bikes, then go and do some squats and lunges for 5 minutes etc.

05. Don’t be put off by the pain
After the first few workouts you’re going to be in a bit of pain lets be real, especially when you wake up the next morning. The more you work out the less pain your legs/stomach will be in the morning. So one tip is to not be put off by how much you ache!

Do you have any good work out tips?

Lucy x