A Chat With Jodie Loue

I tend to read a lot of blogs and so many bloggers out their inspire me on a daily basis and one of those people is Jodie from Jodie Loue…

If you’re not following Jodie already, you can here. Her blog is amazing, photography, writing style, everything! So I asked her a few questions about blogging/beauty, so I hope you enjoy getting to know a bit more about Jodie if you don’t already!

01. What inspired you to start blogging?

I would say my inspiration for blogging is the typical response. I’d read blogs for a good while, probably for around a year, and I thought it was something that I could do. I was in my second year of A levels, and everything was a little bit stressful and I needed a creative release as all my chosen subjects were very much knowledge based. The likes of Kate from Kate La Vie and Rebecca from From Roses really inspired me though, both of their blogs are flawless and I just adore their photography. I’m forever in awe of their blogs.

02. What are your favourite posts to write about?

Anything that features makeup, I love to write about that. The photography process is my favourite part of those types of posts. I really enjoy putting the lifestyle posts I sometimes do together. I’m always pleased with how those turn out as that tends to be when my writing is the strongest. My all time favourite post though, has to be the one I wrote about why failure isn’t a bad thing. I like the idea that my hard times in life, can maybe help someone else.

03. Whats your favourite beauty product to buy?

I seem to collect eyeshadow. I’m actually a bit embarrassed about how much of it I own. Something about a good neutral palette always reels me in every time! I might not own any of the Naked palettes, but they are my weakness. Although at the moment, I seem to be a magpie for lip products, which is a bit ironic really as I’m afraid of a bold lip.

04. Wheres your favourite place to buy beauty?

My favourite place has to be good old Boots. High end counters tend to intimidate me, and I’m more of a high street makeup girl. Something about being able to swatch freely without a perfectly manicured assistant watching me, puts me at ease. I’ve just discovered Space.NK so I think that might dethrone my beloved Boots soon. The staff aren’t the typical hawks like they are in some beauty halls, and from the limited times I’ve walked into a store, I have nothing but kind words to say.

05. Where do you see your blog in 5 years time?

This question is a hard one. I would love for my blog to still be around and active in 5 years, and I think if I could maybe earn a couple of pounds from it, then I’d be happy. Although I’m hoping that I’ll still be posting, something which has become so hard now I’ve started uni. Let’s say I’m still around in five years, then I’d like to think my photography would’ve improved and that my blog layout is clean and minimal like it is right now, and that theres an equal mix of lifestyle and beauty posts!

Thank you so much to Jodie for answering these questions and I found it a pleasure to read through and I hope you did too! 

Lucy x