A Mini Boots Haul & First Impressions

Who doesn’t love a good browse around Boots every now and then…

I went in to get myself some more Garnier Micellar Water and got side tracked, bought all this and guess what? I forgot to get the Micellar Water, typical but anyway I ended up getting a few bits and pieces!

Soap & Glory Scrub Your Nose In It | £9.00

I spotted this as it was on offer (now only £6), and I’ve never tried any Soap & Glory skincare before so I thought I might as well pick it up and give it a try. Its essentially a facial scrub, but for your T Zone area, hence the name. It helps to exfoliate, clean and purify the skin and lifts away any pore clogging dead skin cells. It smells really good, very fresh and minty. My first impressions are really good, my skin feels so smooth once I’ve washed this off and I can really feel/see it work!

Rimmel Match Perfection Illuminating Concealer | £5.99

I’ve tried this concealer before and wasn’t the biggest fan of it, so never repurchased. However I saw I Covet Thee talking about this in one of her drugstore week videos and it made me want to give it another go. Its not a doe foot applicator like I’m used to and love, its one of the squeezey ones with a brush like applicator which is kinda meh. I do like the coverage of this however, but the shade range is pretty appalling. I got the shade Ivory which is the lightest shade and for someone as pale as me its still too dark.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Concealer | £5.49 

I got another concealer because I just run out of them so quickly, I use it on a daily basis and usually replace foundation with it. I’d seen a few good reviews on this concealer and heard it gave a great coverage so I snapped it up. What really annoyed me though, is when I got home, opened up the pot, someone had already dipped their fingers in it (gross). But looking past that, I got the shade 10 which is porcelain I believe. I do really like this as it does give a pretty good coverage, however I found it clung to a few dry patches I had. Its also not too bad for under the eyes and didn’t crease all that much.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moisture | £4.99
Okay so I can’t find this anywhere on the website, the closest I’ve found is the frizz version. But anyway, I picked this up because I’ve been having a bit of a nightmare with my hair at the moment. I have short hair and its so dry and straw like, which is really bad as I can’t have much more cut off! Maybe its because I’ve bleached it, I’m not sure but I needed to something to help put some moisture back into it. So I picked this up, and I love Aussie products as it is. The smell is amazing in my opinion and you can really feel it get to work straight away. My hair always feels very smooth after washing this out and I think its helped a lot to get rid of the dryness in my hair.

Imperial Leather Mouthwatering Fruit Chew Shower Cream | £1
Finally, the best smelling shower cream EVER. I picked this up because I’m running out of my current shower cream, and this was only a pound. If you’re in Boots anytime soon, you need to give this a sniff its amazing. Its basically the smell of fruit salad sweets. Its a good shower cream, pretty average but its cool because I smell like a fruit salad!

Have you picked up anything from Boots recently?

Lucy x