A Realistic Whats In My Bag

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Today I wanted to do a whats in my bag post but a realistic version…

I’m a person that likes to go light when out and about and carrying as little as possible is a thumbs up from me. I’d been on the hunt for a small bag that I could throw a few bits in that were essential, and voila I found this little gem. Its from Topshop, and it was in the sale for £15. Unfortunately I can’t find this on their website but they had tons left in the store I bought it from, so maybe keep your eyes peeled.

So onto the contents of my bag. First off is my tiny little coin purse from Primark. Its very childish but thats what I love about it. I can’t carry my main purse in this bag as its simply too big, so this is perfect for stashing any notes or coins in. It also does fit my card in if needs be, and it fits nicely into my little bag. Secondly we have my amazing pair of sunglasses that are also from Primark. If you’ve seen the oh so popular Dior sunglasses about, you’ll know they’ve copied the style a bit with the small piece of metal going across the top of the sunglasses. I love these they’re really flattering and I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of them this summer. 

If you read my last post about my emetophobia, you’ll know hand sanitizer is a must for me. I have this rather large bottle of Cuticura Mango Shimmer antibacterial hand gel. This smells amazing and I think its going to last me a rather long time! Lastly we have my favourite tinted lip balm of all time, Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me. I’ve loved this for a very long time, its very moisturising on the lips and gives a gorgeous subtle red tint.

Realistically, what do you keep in your bag?

Lucy x