Lash Sensational Vs Roller Lash

This makes me a bit nostalgic, as way back I did a post comparing The Falsies and Miss Manga mascara…

Benefit Roller Lash | £19.50
Okay, so lets start with Roller Lash. I believe this came before Lash Sensational, so we’ll start here. I got a sample size of this when it was first released in Elle magazine, and couldn’t resist buying the full size. It was the best mascara I had ever laid my eyes on (no pun intended). So lets start comparing. I adore the packaging of this mascara, its so much fun and I love how you can get a good grip on the handle when applying. The other thing I seriously love about this, is the length of the wand. Its very long and thin which is actually handy. Its not clumpy in any way and separates the lashes well. My only criticism is it doesn’t give much volume, but I can over look that.

Maybelline Lash Sensational | £7.99
This mascara is fairly new to me, as it was out of stock in a lot of places for a good while. This is a great dupe for Roller Lash and for a fraction of the price which is brilliant, can’t beat a good ‘drugstore’ dupe. This has the same shape wand as roller lash with very similar bristles. I don’t like the packaging as much, but its still very chic and I love the colour. This gives a very similar effect on the lashes as Roller Lash, however its a bit more clumpy. The trouble with this is that it does stick my lashes together quite a bit but it gives a brilliant curl and makes the lashes look lengthened and thick.

So the verdict, I think I prefer Roller Lash. This is because it gives a more natural looking lash, holds a curl and doesn’t give you silly panda eyes at all. Lash Sensational does a similar job but I feel as though my lashes look quite fake when I wear it, and I’m more about that natural lash.

Which do you prefer?