The Sunday Chatter #9

I don’t particularly have much to say this Sunday but I mean look at that cinnamon swirl, delicious…

I do like doing the odd catch up over here on my blog, I personally love reading these types of posts so why not put one out there myself. Regarding the photos above, I really want to go out and take more photos in general apart from the white background blog photos (which I love taking), but its nice to vary it up isn’t it.

I’ve not been doing anything particularly interesting recently, what with exams looming over me…help. This means revision, which I really should be doing more of and lots of work for my photography project which needs to be done by like next week. But they’ll be over sooner or later so lets leave that stress there for now. Something quite exciting though, I started up my Youtube channel properly a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been loving filming! You can view my channel here and I’d love it if you could subscribe because I’ll be posting videos hopefully once a week, if not once every so often haha! Theres three videos up currently, and they’re in a montage kinda style which I prefer to sit down talking ones as I don’t like showing my face much and hate the sound of my voice on camera. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to show my face though…

At the beginning of June I’ll be popping up to Manchester as well which I am so excited for as I’ve never been up north before! I’m sure its not that different to down here in the south but its always exciting going somewhere new. Expect a blog post from that as I’ll be snapping away the whole trip! Just wondering, does anyone reading this live in Manchester at all? What should I see if so? Anyway I think thats it for now from me but I hope you have a lovely Sunday and a great rest of week!

– Lucy