20 Facts About Me

I’m certainly not the most interesting person in the world but I always think its nice to know a bit more about the person behind the blog…

001. Summer is my favourite time of year – can’t beat those sunny vibes

002. I’ve only ever been to two different countries apart from the UK in my life

003. I’m a pretty huge fan of the 1975 

004. I have six piercings in total and plan on getting more

005. I hate horror movies or anything scary for that matter

006. I have a serious chocolate addiction and definitely couldn’t live without it

007. I attended swimming classes from the age of 7 until 14 & ended up with a bronze medallion award in life saving

008. I have done my bronze Duke of Edinburgh award, the expedition was tough but so much fun

009. I’m neither a cat person or a dog person, I love both equally

010. The only pets I have ever had are guinea pigs and fish, I currently have 2 guinea pigs

011. Photography is my passion and hope to pursue a career in it some day

012. My favourite food aside from chocolate has to be pizza or jacket potato

013. My favourite beauty product is concealer (boring)

014. I want to travel across America some day

015. I suffer with emetophobia and needle phobia

016. I have grey eyes…grey (comeon they could at least have been blue)

017. I did dance from the age of about 4 up until 11

018. I did ballet, tap, modern and freestyle and actually took up ballet again when I was 14 for a year then quit again oops

019. I get extremely home sick (I love my little home)

020. My favourite TV series ever is the US Office

What are some facts about you?

– Lucy