The Sunday Chatter #11

Hey folks, back with another Sunday chatter but I want to change how I do these posts, instead of just telling you how my week has been I want to share what I’ve been enjoying in the week too…

Sooo I finished my exams this week, can I get a hallelujah?! That means more time for fun things which I’m very much looking forward to, plus I’m so glad I don’t have to revise anymore. Finishing my exams meant I only had college two days this week so it was nice to have a relax on the other days. I’m also off to Manchester this week, which I mentioned a while ago and I’m so excited to explore because I’ve never been before. Also watch out for some blog posts going up about my little trip there!

I’ve been loving a few bits and pieces this week, the first being Louis Theroux Documentaries. He’s basically a journalist guy who travels to odd places, usually in America and looks into peoples life. Quite hard to explain, but if you have Netflix type in Louis Theroux and you will find all the interesting documentaries he’s done! I’ve also been loving Ariana Grande’s new album, especially the song Into You – so catchy and upbeat. I’m not usually an Ariana fan but this album is pretty damn good. The last thing I’ve loved this week is Savannah Brown’s ‘Romanticizations of mental illness‘ video. I love ALL of Savannah’s videos but this is so important and I think everybody should give it a watch!

What have you been up to this week?

– Lucy