Come Along With Me | Manchester

So I took a short trip to Manchester…

Some of you might be reading this, thinking Manchester isn’t really the most exciting place to visit (I don’t know maybe you’re not haha) but nevertheless here I am with a post showing you some photos I took when I was on my travels. I’m from the south of England and have never ventured up north before so this was exciting for me. Manchester is a loong old drive from where I live but I feel as though it was very much worth it. 

I don’t want to ramble on too much but I’ll talk you through my two days there. The first picture is the view from the hotel room we were staying in and I thought it was pretty cool. Me and my Mum went for a little explore (and shop). We visited the Manchester Art Gallery which wasn’t the best I must say but I did like the little fashion exhibition they had going on. We wondered around the shops and I may have made a cheeky purchase in Selfridges, oopsies. The second day we visited the Trafford Centre which is a ginormous shopping centre, I was in awe. They had a Victoria’s Secret Pink there so I was pleased and got myself one of their super cosy jumper/hoodie things. Which let me tell you are not cheap! Then we made the long old drive back home, but I had such a lovely couple of days.

Anyway, that was a short summery of my stay in Manchester. I had a really nice time and plan to go up north again sometime to have a bit more of an explore!

Have you ever visited Manchester?

– Lucy