Keeping Eyeshadow In Place

Eyeshadow primers are a God send…

Having oily eyelids really isn’t the best lets be honest, it just means my eyeshadow slips off within about 10 minutes of applying. This means I’m always on the hunt for a primer thats going to keep my eyeshadow in tact all day long, so here I present to you two of my favourite eyeshadow primers.

The Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion is a well known product amongst bloggers, and rightfully so. This is a really lightweight primer that smoothes over the lids nicely. It gives such a great base for an eyeshadow applied on top. This comes with a doe foot applicator so all you need to do is swipe some of this across your lids then blend in, easy as. This works pretty well at keeping eyeshadow in place all day, however not as well as the next primer…

The Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue. Okay so I cannot rave enough about this product, its seriously the most insane eyeshadow primer. With glue in the name it sounds a bit terrifying, like why would you want to put glue on your eyelids? This has a very thick, sticky consistency (just like glue) and is very different to Urban Decay’s offering. This comes in a tube, so you squeeze the tiniest amount onto your finger and blend into the lids. This keeps eyeshadow on SO well, I have pretty much the same amount of shadow on my lids by the time I take my makeup off as I did when I first applied it. I feel as though this lives up to its name and I would highly recommend if you’re someone who struggles with oily lids.

Whats your favourite eyeshadow primer?

– Lucy