Lush Toners | Eau Roma Water & Tea Tree Water

Yay for cruelty free skincare – 

Lets start with the Eau Roma Water. This has a mixture of rose water and lavender water, the rose water is to help keep skin calm and reduce redness; where as the lavender water helps to balance and soften the skin. You can apply this by directly spraying onto the face or you can apply it to a cotton pad and gently wipe it across your face. I tend to spray is across my face just because I feel its more refreshing and let it sink in that way. It smells predominately of lavender which I personally find really calming. I can’t say I’ve seen a noticeable difference to my skin using this BUT it is lovely to use.

Onto the Tea Tree Water. I feel like this product is more known in the beauty blogger world. I tried this one out first, a while back now and I must say it is brilliant. Its very similar to the Eau Roma Water in the fact its a toning water, and you can apply it the same way. Tea tree is an antibacterial, so obviously as Lush state, it can keep spots away. I’d definitely recommend this if you have more oily/spot prone skin as it can help to keep those pesky blemishes away. It smells like tea tree and is really refreshing, likewise with the other toning water.

Overall, I really like both toning waters. However, if you have more blemish prone/oily skin I’d recommend going for the Tea Tree Water. Purely because it acts as an antibacterial at the same time as being really refreshing. If your skin is on the drier/combination side of things with not too many blemishes I’d say the Eau Roma Water is for you. Providing you like the smell of lavender, although its not too overpowering.

Have you tried either of these toning waters?