Surviving A Cold

Don’t get me wrong, having a cold isn’t the end of the world but it sure is annoying…

Yay I’ve been hit with the first cold of the year (pretty good going really). I always seem to pick up colds in the summer months and hardly ever in the winter, weird. But since I’m sitting here suffering I thought I’d share what has helped me feel that lil bit better.

01. Conceal – I literally look like Rudolf right now, my nose is bright red. My under eyes are looking extremely dark and overall my skins pretty lifeless. Concealer is literally my best friend right now, just conceal all the nastiness.

02. Hydrate yo’ self – Drinking water is meant to help flush out all the bad stuff when you have a cold, so I’m trying to drink as much as possible right now. Along with this, my skin just feels dry and dehydrated so moisturiser is a must. I don’t feel like doing my full skincare routine right now but I’m still making sure I moisturise to keep my skin in good tact.

03. Lip balm is your bestie – Ugh dry lips are the worst thing ever. Keeping them topped up with a super moisturising lip balm is the only way to tackle this issue. I’ve been using my trusty Nuxe Rev De Miel to keep my lips hydrated.

04. Soothers are a saviour – Nothing worse than a sore throat, soothers literally save me when I have a cold. Nothing much more to say about these, except that they’re just a great help haha!

05. Setting powder – Since you’ll be blowing your nose approximately 100 times an hour (or at least thats my case), I want my concealer to stay in place. Just dust a bit of this under your eyes and around your nose and hope that all the nose blowing doesn’t wipe away the concealer!

What are your tips for surviving a cold?

– Lucy