Trying Out This Works: Sleep

Who doesn’t love sleep…

I actually got this sample when I was on my travels in Manchester. I’d seen so many bloggers using the ‘This Works Deep Calm Pillow Spray’ and swearing by it. To say the least I was pretty intregued to try it out. In this sample you get ‘2 mini solutions for a better night’s sleep’.

Lets start with the deep calm pillow spray. To be honest, I was kind of skeptical about this because I mean how much can a pillow spray really do to help you sleep?! I personally don’t suffer with sleeping problems and can fall asleep pretty sharpish most nights. Anyway, I was still wanted to give it a go. So simply you spray this across your pillow before you’re about to go to sleep. Its lavender scented which is obviously very calming and I love lavender scented products. The scent really lingers on your pillow until you fall asleep which is nice and makes it feel like less of a gimmicky product. I can’t really give a verdict as to whether this helped me fall asleep but it certainly is very calming!

Secondly the breathe in roller ball. I’ve also heard about Youtube people, bloggers etc talking about this. I think people find it relaxing to use before going on flights and things? Maybe I’m wrong but I can see why it would be. Very similar smelling to the pillow spray, this is a lavender scented solution that you roll onto your pulse points and breathe it in. If you’re into yoga, meditation, mindfullness etc then I feel like you’ll enjoy this. Before I go to bed I roll this on my wrists, do a deep breath in and then slowly out. It is very relaxing but again I couldn’t tell you truly whether it helped me fall asleep.

Overall I enjoy using both these products and they feel quite luxurious. However I’m not sure I’d pay for the full size of the pillow spray as I feel I can sleep the same without it. Although it is very calming and gives your pillow such a lovely scent to it.

Have you ever tried the This Works Sleep range?

– Lucy