Film Photography | Olympus OM20

Photography is one of my favourite things…

Sooo, I wanted to incorporate more photography style posts onto my blog because I love it just as much as I love makeup. I recently subscribed to ‘Negative Feedback‘ on YouTube (Estée’s recommendation). George, who is the content creator, reviews and goes around taking photos of beautiful places on film cameras. I’m obsessed with the videos he puts out, they’re amazing so it inspired me to pick up my own film camera and give it a go.

I thought I’d do a little round up review of this beauty, incase any of you were interested or thinking about getting a film camera yourself. So first off, I got this off of eBay for about £30. I think I paid a good price for it to be honest, as its an 80s SLR camera. It comes with a 50mm kit lens, which is awesome because I love my 50mm for my Canon 70D. You can use it manually or automatically like on a regular modern SLR. Although its very different because you have to make sure the lighting is absolutely spot on before taking the picture because otherwise it may be ruined when it comes to having the film developed. When you look through the view finder, on the left hand side are little green numbers that go up and down when you turn the lens and having it on 60 or 125 is the best as you should get that nice crisp image.

The manual for this camera is great and pretty much tells you everything you need to know in simple terms, like how to put in the film for example. I struggled with this a lot because its quite fiddly and if you’ve never used a film camera before it can be quite a task. Once you get the hang of it its alright, but it does worry me that I’ve done it wrong and I’ll use up a whole film roll and it’ll come out black. But oh well, I guess thats the beauty of film photography. I’ve only used black & white film in this camera so far, but the images came out wonderfully. They’re really crisp and clear, which I think is down to the 50mm lens that it comes with. I’ve currently got some colour film in there and I will definitely be sharing the photos when I get them developed. 

There we have it, I can’t wait to start sharing the images I get from this! If you have any other questions about it feel free to ask, I enjoy writing about photography/cameras so I hope to do more in the future!

– Lucy