Lets Talk About Animal Testing & Cruelty

This time last year the topic of animal testing/cruelty had hardly phased me…

This post is simply to gather my thoughts on animal testing/cruelty and how I feel about it at this point in my life. Its quite a ‘hot topic’ right now, and veganism itself has become a popular phenomenon in the recent years. I’m in no place to comment on the matter as I’m not a vegan myself but recently have been making some conscious decisions to change my diet & looking at the beauty products I buy.

A month or so ago I picked up one of Lush’s ‘Fighting Animal Testing’ tote bags. Not every product I use is cruelty free unfortunately, which makes me quite sad. I can’t bring myself to get rid of these products because I mean, they cost a lot of damn money (shoutout to you MAC). Since buying the tote bag I haven’t (I don’t think) made any beauty purchases from brands that test on animals. And I would quite like to keep it that way. Its such a shame that brands like MAC, Estée Lauder, Benefit, Bumble & Bumble etc test on animals. Such popular brands, that make some amazing products test on these poor little animals. 

Being a beauty blogger I don’t want to miss out on these products everybody seems to be raving about, but then again I can’t help but think of the animal cruelty that is so pointless and uncalled for. I can’t really decide right now at this point in time whether I’ll carry on making the decision to go cruelty free…so please don’t hold me for that one! I’ll try my best but who knows, I’d love to know your thoughts, opinions etc on the whole beauty product matter!

Diet wise, the only REAL change I’ve properly made is swapping normal milk for almond milk. This is 1) because almond milk tastes 10x better than normal milk and 2) the way milk is produced. I didn’t know up until about six months ago how milk was made/produced. I (naively) believed that cows produced milk no matter what, thats just what they do right? Wrong. Female cows are impregnated in order for them to produce milk all the time. Thats nasty, why do they have to do that? Many people would argue that thats the way it is, get over it, we need milk so just be quiet. Well I can’t really deal with the fact that those cows have to go through that all the time to produce milk for us. So almond or soya milk it is for me! I’m still yet to make the switch for cheese and other milk based products but I sure will once I’ve left home (I’m still too young to have my own house haha).

So thats basically my thoughts on animal testing & cruelty, but I’d be so interested to hear your opinions on the matter as I think its such an important and relevant topic right now!

– Lucy