End Of Summer Blues

Finally getting round to an outfit post yay…

I’ve been meaning to do an outfit post for the longest time but have never found the confidence in doing so, buut here we finally are. I think you can get to know people through their style, hence why I’d like to share more outfit posts on Forever September.

Anyway, the summer is coming to an end, which I’m pretty sad about as summer’s my favourite time of year. I’ve been obsessed with pinafore dresses pretty much all year, and obviously I’m going to incorporate them into my summer wardrobe too. The one I’m wearing is from Primark, and it was a right bargain. I bought this back at the beginning of the year and have basically been wearing it non stop. I don’t think its available anymore sadly, you know how Primark is, things come and go very quickly!

Stripy tops are also a staple item for me, and I’m kinda obsessed with them. This ones from H&M and I picked it up in the sale for £5, yay for sales! You can get tops like this basically anywhere, I just find H&M to be a great place for cheap tshirts! The thing I’m truly obsessed with lately is my choker necklace. These are really popular right now, and I spotted Hannah wearing one in her outfit post and knew I had to own one myself. My other accessory being my sunglasses. I picked these up from Primark, again at the beginning of the year and I think and they’ve served me well this whole summer. 

Lastly my bag is from a charity shop so I really have no idea where you’d pick this up. I love this though, it has a vintage feel to it and its just so useful. Finally, my shoes. My favourite pair of shoes that I own. My black hightop Converse. I’ve had these for two years and they’re my go to pair of shoes as they’re just so comfy and go with so many outfits. Can’t go wrong with these!

– Lucy