A Flirty Flatlay with Adore Me

I’ve never really thought talking about underwear would be something I’d feature on this blog but well, here we are…

When Adore Me told me they were starting a #flirtyfallflatlay campaign, I had to get involved. Now, as you can probably tell from the photo above, I’m not one for ‘flirty’ lingerie really. I’m much more of a comfort kind of gal. So, for this ‘#flirtyfallflatlay’ I’ve gone for my comfy Calvin Klein Bralette and a knitted stripy jumper. Like I said, I’m all about the comfort and you for sure can’t get more comfy than a Calvin Klein bra. Theres no underwire to bug you throughout the day or stupid little straps that keep falling down either. Its just there, and its comfy. Since we’re well on the way to autumn as well, this kind of jumper is so appropriate. Its quite nice to have an off the shoulder jumper as well to wear with a bralette like this, because it shows it off a little. 

Now, the main reason I wanted to post about this and back the campaign is because Adore Me aim to empower women to feel their best selves and to have self confidence. When I’m wearing something like this I feel confident, because I feel comfortable. If you love to wear a lacy bralette, go for it girl. Wear what makes YOU feel your best. This is not sponsored content at all by the way, I just really liked the idea of sharing some woman to woman love. I just want everyone to feel confident to be honest haha. I’d love to hear what piece of underwear makes you feel super confident and comfortable.

Also check out Adore Me’s Pinterest board here, it has lots of inspiration that I think you will all appreciate!

– Lucy