Current Favourites #1

I’m rubbish at monthly favourites, because I rarely change things up from month to month, so welcome to my current favourites series…

Morphe Soft Fan Brush | £11.25

This brush came with my Morphe 600 12 Piece Sable Brush Set, which costs £11.25 so technically the brush alone costs about £1, bargain. I did a review of the whole set,  you can read that here. Anyway back to this amazing brush. I’d been after a fan brush for a fair while, and this was the brush that sort of sold the sable brush set to me. This is so flipping soft, it feels amazing to brush across your face. I use this for highlight and wow, it just makes it look 10x better I swear. Would really recommend this or getting yourself a fan brush!

LUSH Let The Good Times Roll Cleanser | £7.25 (100g)

Okay, we need to just take a moment for this cleanser. I have never smelt a skincare product as delicious as this, it smells like actual popcorn and all things sweet. I bought this after getting a bit bored with my cleanser, as I’d been using the same one for almost a year. I’ve wanted to try out some Lush skincare and this is what I opted for. It cleanses and gently exfoliates at the same time. Which my skin really needs at the moment, because I have quite a few dry patches. It leaves my skin feeling soft every time and I can see myself using this for a very long time.

Iconic A6 Monthly Planner | £4

I picked up this adorable monthly planner from Fox and Star after reading Sarah’s Blogger Essentials: Notebooks post. Since its back to college this month, there was no better time than now to pick one of these bad boys up. I love everything about this planner, how tiny it is, the layout, everything. Its so handy and honestly, just what I was looking for.

Jamie T’s Trick Album

The first song of Jamie T I heard was Zombie, and I loved it. Recently Jamie T has brought out a new album called Trick and I am obsessed. If you like quite indie/alternative music then I think you’ll really like this. Even if you don’t I suggest you give it a listen because its really different but so good. My favourite songs on the album have to be, Joan of Arc, Tescoland and Robin Hood. 

What are your currently favourites?

– Lucy