My First Festival Experience

Last Friday I went to Reading festival and it was the first festival I’ve ever been to, and I just thought it’d be funny to share my experience with the whole thing…

Its an absolute mess: I guess this is quite an obvious one really haha. Well I mean it wasn’t too bad in the morning but as the day went on, wow was it filthy. Get those Coachella images out of your head because no, it is nothing like that. Even though its messy, I feel like its part of the whole experience. 

You’re also going to get filthy: I was pretty dirty by the end of the day. When I was in amongst the crowds, so much dirt got kicked up and it ended up all over my face, down my legs, even in my mouth (gross). Having a shower the day after was literally the best feeling. I don’t think getting dirty is necessarily a bad thing, shows you had a good time…right? 

They only serve junk food: All part of the fun! Even if it is extremely overpriced. I’m definitely not complaining, because who doesn’t love junk food?! Pizza, chips, burgers, you name it, they’ve got it!

The crowds are intense: I ended up pretty squished a few times, thinking I wouldn’t see the light of day again haaaa. Although it was actually quite fun, it was super hot and you had a load of sweaty people around you which kinda wasn’t fun. I did have to leave one crowd because I couldn’t handle it but still, it was an experience!

Picking an outfit & doing festival makeup is so fun: Picking what to wear and doing your makeup before going is just the best. I love doing my makeup as it is, and an excuse to pour glitter over your face is literally amazing. It felt so freeing wearing less clothes than usual (still looking decent may I add haha). 

You’re going to get some pretty decent photos: Festivals always look pretty. Its full of life, cool outfits, cool colours just cool everything. Your Instagram is going to look really freaking good. In the evening at Reading there was the most beautiful sunset across the fields, and I just felt so content and happy at that point.

Have you ever been to a festival?

– Lucy