NYX Nude Lip Collection

L to R: Bedtime Flirt, Angel Food Cake, Cannes, Zurich, Rome, Soft Spoken

Since NYX hit the UK I’ve been pretty obsessed with buying their lip products…

The first product I was intregued by was their Lip Lingeries. The packaging looked amazing, and the array of nudes was something else. So I picked up the shade Bedtime Flirt. Its a very dusky pink shade. It looks so natural on the lips but obviously gives a matte finish. I have to say this is probably the most drying out of all their lip products, probably because its a true liquid lipstick. My next pick was one of their Butter Glosses. I picked up the shade Angel Food Cake, because I mean look at it. Its a gorgeous browny/nude pink shade. I don’t tend to go for glosses but this is incredible. Its so comfortable on the lips and not sticky at all like many glosses. I think its the perfect everyday colour, and oh my gosh these smell amazing!

Now onto the Soft Matte Lip Creams. These are so hyped about in the blogging world, and I totally get why. The first shade I picked up was Cannes. This isn’t necessarily your typical nude, as its quite a warm toned pink. Its nothing too daring, but it just looks gorgeous on the lips. Its almost a your lips but better shade, so perfect for everyday wear in my opinion. The second shade I picked up was Zurich. This is much more nude than Cannes, but they still look quite similar in the tube. Anyway this is much lighter and a little less pink. Again, perfect everyday colour for me as its quite natural. The last Soft Matte Lip Cream I picked up was Rome. I think this has to be my favourite. Although again, its not your typical nude. Its a lot darker than Cannes and Zurich as you may be able to see. Its got brown and pink undertones but just looks gorgeous on the lips. You’ve just got to try this one out for yourself to appreciate it haha.

Finally, my most recent purchase. One of the Liquid Suedes. I picked up the shade Soft Spoken, after a friend recommended it. Its a very brown toned nude, again with pink undertones. Like all of the NYX lip products, this is very easy to apply. This is slightly drying but it sticks around ALL day, let me tell you that. Definitely need to pick up a few more of the Liquid Suedes!

What are your favourite NYX lip products?

– Lucy