Pelicano Brighton

I was in Brighton for my birthday on Saturday and we stopped off for a coffee break in Pelicano…

We’d arrived in Brighton at about half 11, which is of course coffee time. Or cake time. We stumbled across this extremely cute coffee shop called Pelicano, and I couldn’t not dedicate a whole post to this place. I think the photos do a good job at showing you the beauty it had to offer, but it doesn’t quite capture the vibe. It was a pretty tiny place, with wooden flooring, plain walls, quite rustic.

The cake selection was just incredible. My Mum and I shared a raspberry cheese cake brownie. Yes I know, literally my two favourite things combined. It was extremely delicious. They had some other very cool looking things, such as green tea chocolate cake, salted caramel brownies etc. The food and the interior combined just made for a really pleasant experience. I’d highly recommend Pelicano if you’re in Brighton!

– Lucy