Gruesome Halloween Makeup Look

Halloween is on its way, and this makeup look will be perfect…

I was just browsing the halloween section in Wilko’s when I spotted some liquid latex. I always admire the beauty guru’s who manage to pull off these amazing, gruesome halloween makeup looks, so I thought I’d give it a try this year. This was my first attempt and I’m pretty proud of it. Soo, here we go!

You’re going to need some liquid latex, which I bought for £1.50 in Wilko’s. I also picked up some fake blood for £1, so I could cover the latex with that. First of all, I grabbed an old makeup brush and wiped the latex across the parts of my face I wanted to make look gory. Waited a few minutes for that to try then ripped a hole where the wound would be. Then I added some of the fake blood around the edges, to hide to whiteness of the latex. I also used some concealer so it would look like it was blended into my skin. You then want to grab a palette that has lots of warm tones, some dark browns, reds, you get the gist. I opted for my Morphe 35OS palette, as its full of warm tones. The only annoying thing being they’re shimmer shades, but if I were you I’d go for mattes. 

Then just improvise as much as possible, just blending colours together until it makes it look like a bruised/bloody wound. Oh yeah, have a nice close up of my face haha. This is what the final outcome looked like. After I’d fiddled about with the eyeshadow colours on the wounds, I took a shimmery greeny black eyeshadow and smudged that all over my lid, and underneath. I then went in with a red/burgundy shade and put that on the outter corners. To finish the look off, I popped on a dark purple lipstick from Topshop, which they no longer sell sadly. Also, apologies for that bit of lipstick thats smudged under my lip – I wish I’d seen that haha. And there you have it. Its all about going with the flow with this one folks, just whatever works best! Hope you liked this.

– Lucy