The Sunday Chatter #13

Back for another Sunday chitchat…

Swear I always forget to do Sunday chatter posts, which sucks because I actually really like writing them. Anyway, I’m back to talk about my week, what I’ve been loving etcccc. So, lets start with Monday. On Monday I went to Thorpe Park with my college on a trip for one of my subjects and it was literally so much fun. It was really quiet as well, since it was a cold Monday in October. I managed to get on the swarm, nemesis, stealth and a few of the smaller rides too. It was sunny for the most part, so that was really nice. All in all, a pretty enjoyable day!

Tuesday was much quieter, and involved a lot of college work. But on Wednesday, I had the honour of photographing my college’s awards evening. This was alongside two good friends and I actually had such a good time. Its the first time I’ve got to put my photography skills into practice and it makes me even more excited for what the future holds. The end of the week was much less exciting, I must say. More college work was done, and yet I’m still behind haha. Soo, instead of rambling on about my week; heres some posts I’ve enjoyed reading this week.

01. Daisy’s huge LUSH haul – you know its that time of the year when you start seeing Lush hauls, including their halloween/christmas goodies!

02. Rebecca’s bases & brands that are great for pale skinBeing the pale girl that I am, this post was super helpful.

03. Carrie’s beautiful photos from her trip to Sheffield Park This post just made me happy, all the autumnal colours are so beautiful.

04. Jemma’s 15 inspiring blog postsI always love reading through uplifting and positive blog posts, so this was perfect!

05. Elena’s autumn handbag essentialsI love posts like this, as I like to have a little nosy around other peoples handbags haha (my bad).

What have you been up to this week?

– Lucy