Equipment I Use For Blogging

I’m always really interested to see what other bloggers use equipment wise, camera stuff etc. I thought I’d share what lenses I use, and other bits and bobs I use to blog.

First things first, the camera itself. I use a Canon 70D, which is definitely on the more pricey side of things when it comes to camera equipment. But in my opinion, its so worth it. Its not just good for photography but filming as well, so if thats something you’re interested in, I’d recommend this. Whats great about this camera, is that it comes with a wifi function. So I have an app on my phone that acts as a remote and I can take the photos from my phone whilst the camera’s set up elsewhere, pretty cool.

If I’m going to use the wifi function, I usually have the camera on a tripod. I have this Hama Star 75 Tripod and it works a charm. I used to have a really crappy one that was super cheap, (not that this one isn’t cheap) but it sucked. With this one, I can take landscape and portrait photos so its perfect for outfit photography! 

Lets talk about lenses now, woo. The lens I use for the majority of my blog photographs is the Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens. This is perfect if you want that soft background blur on your photos, and is pretty awesome for product photography. Equally as good for outfit photography as well, as it just makes whatever’s in the foreground pop. Would highly recommend this lens, its not overly expensive either so thats a bonus. Second lens I use is the Canon 24mm f/2.8 lens. This is a fixed lens again, but much more wide angle. Hence the 24mm opposed to 50mm. This is great for general landscape photography, or if you just want to fit more into a shot you’re taking. I think this is a good option for flatlays as it fits a lot more into the frame, yet still gives that professional look. 

Thats basically all I use equipment wise. I hope anyone who’s interested in the more tech side of things enjoyed this post!

What equipment do you use for blogging?

– Lucy