Jeffree Star Skin Frost In Peach Goddess Review

Okay I swear I have been on the hunt for a Jeffree Star Skin Frost, forever. When I was browsing BeuatyBay the other day I spotted they had three in stock, and I literally screamed. They had King Tut, Mint Condition and Peach Goddess. And I obviously picked up Peach Goddess.

I love Jeffree’s videos, and I know he’s been known to be problematic but I’m willing to look past that for now. His makeup line is just incredible, and so unique. I’m a huge highlighter lover, so it was clear I needed one of these in my collection. So first things first. When I opened the box, I was truly shocked at the size of this product. Its literally massive, I really didn’t expect to get so much product. Because of the size, it has a really decent mirror, which is perfect. I mean, I’m so glad its the size it is for £25 haha.

The embossed Jeffree Star logo just makes it so special in my opinion, and so personal. I’m scared to ruin it if I’m honest! The colour of peach goddess is obviously peachy, but it has a beautiful iridescent shine to it, which looks stunning swiped across the cheekbones. I have found however, that you need to really dip your brush in a few times to get a decent amount of product off. You could really build this up to be ‘blinding’ as Jeffree likes to say, but equally you can keep it really subtle, which is amazing. Like most highlighters, its great for the cheekbones, cupids bow and brow bone. And can we just talk about that packaging though?! Its stunning, definitely not my usual favourite colour but it just suits this product so much.

Have you tried anything from Jeffree Star Cosmetics?

– Lucy