Song Loving Sunday #2

Remember all that time ago back in January where I shared my favourite songs, well I completely forgot about that until now when I really wanted to write a post about songs I’ve been loving, haaa. Music is everything to me, and whenever I can, I’ll be listening to it. 

Brooklyn / Fickle Friends

I actually got to see Fickle Friends when I went to Reading this summer and they were literally insane. I can’t even remember how I found out about them, but this is their most recent song and its such a tune.

505 / Arctic Monkeys

Yaaas to Arctic Monkeys. I recently fell in love with 505 again, can’t believe I even forgot about it in the first place.

September / Pity Sex

This is courtesy of Katy, who mentioned this song in one of her recent music posts. Pity Sex are quite a chilled, indie band and September is honestly the most relaxing song to listen to, especially this time of year.

The Less I Know The Better / Tame Impala 

I’m officially obsessed with Tame Impala. They’re such a unique band and I’ve never heard anything quite like their style. This song is again, very chilled out but it just has such a happy vibe to it. 

Ride / Twenty One Pilots

I’ve recently been converted into liking Twenty One Pilots, but damn their newest album is so good. I don’t really know what kind of genre their music is, all I know is that I love it and this song.

Paris / The 1975

To be honest, I’ve loved this song ever since the album came out earlier this year. I feel like this song is really fitting for the colder months as well, its calming and just ugh I love the 1975 basically haha.

That’s My Girl / Fifth Harmony 

Totally different to my other picks but I’m not sorry. This is such an upbeat song, and I can’t help but sing along to it. I feel like theres a lot of girl power involved, and its just really catchy.

Joan Of Arc / Jamie T

I loove Jamie T’s new album, and this song is probably my favourite. Jamie T has a very unique style in my opinion, and I just love this.

Walk With Me / Cosmo’s Midnight & KUČKA

I really don’t know anything about the artist of this song, but they have such a lovely voice. I found this on my discover weekly playlist on Spotify and had to add it to my playlist. 

This Town / Niall Horan 

I’m an ex-one direction fan girl and I’m not even ashamed to say I love Niall’s new song. Its actually so beautiful, and his voice is incredible. 

What songs have you been loving recently?

– Lucy