The Packhouse Farnham

Happy Sunday! Yes, that is a Christmas tree in mid November. I know, quite early but I visited one of my favourite little places to have a mooch around (ha, mooch love that word). Its based in Farnham, so this is for you who live in the south of england, sorry to my up north people! Its essentially just a vintage/antique/quirky homeware and lifestyle shop, based in a very old house. Its really pretty to just look around and you can usually find some gems. They also opened a new café recently, which is absolutely gorgeous.

Hope you enjoyed scrolling through these festive and cosy photos on your Sunday morning. It made me feel so christmassy looking at all the decorations and christmas trees dotted around the place. I’d recommend visiting the packhouse if you’re local to surrey or live in the south and are willing to travel, its lovely.

– Lucy