5 Blogs You Need To Follow

I love reading other peoples blogs just as much as I enjoy writing on my own, so I decided I’d share 5 blogs you need to be following!

Katy Belle

I’ve loved Katy’s blog for a fair while now, and I honestly love each and every post of hers. Her blog consists of fashion, beauty, music and lifestyle (everything I love). She writes beautifully, and her photographs are effortless. I feel as though she has a distinct style as well, which is always nice to see. Definitely pop over and give her some love!

Wheres My Lipstick

I think I’ve been following Jess for well over a year now, and I swear I love every post she puts out. You can see how much effort she puts into each of her posts, and her photography has improved and just looks utterly stunning. I always enjoy sitting down and having a good old read through one of Jess’s posts, and I’m so sure you will too.

Sophie Rosie

Another blogger I’ve been following for a long while (since she used to be avenue de sophie hehe)! Way back in October 2015 I even did a little interview with her, which you can check out here. Anyway, enough of that and more on Sophie’s beautiful blog. Sophie talks a lot about life, and has posts filled with inspiration and motivation. Its really uplifting to see a blogger talk about things like body confidence, and other important things remembering to give yourself some space. Anyway, I just think Sophie’s blog is one you need to be following!

Wear Daisy Went

I adore Daisy’s blog. Her beautiful white washed photography just pulls me in every time haha. I love reading through her beauty posts especially, as theres always something I haven’t tried that I’m intregued by. Alongside beauty, Daisy posts fashion and the occasional lifestyle post which is always a delight to read. If you’re not following already, go on over because I know you won’t regret it!

Lashes & Luxe
I don’t think I could do this post without mentioning Courtney. One of my online besties (lol) but honestly, I love this gal and you just have to go over and follow her. She’s so truthful in all her posts, never lies which I love. Her beauty reviews are my favourite, and there are a lot of high end makeup reviews, which is always nice to read! She also speaks about mental health often, her personal struggles and other bits, which is so nice to read as it raises awareness and helps others. Overall, everything about Courtney’s blog is amazing and she puts a lot of effort into it.

What are your favourite blogs?

– Lucy