Bra-blems With ThirdLove

Something I want to more of over on this little blog of mine, is open up a bit more, about issues other than beauty as much as I love it!

I’m coming at you today with a real girlie issue…bra problems (or bra-blems)! I’m pretty sure everyone reading is wearing or does wear a bra on a daily basis, and they can be a pretty big pain sometimes. My daily bra struggle is straps…they constantly fall down and its so frustrating! The reason they always fall down is because I have a slanted shoulder, just due to a dodgy posture I think but god it annoys me. If I tighten them, they really dig into my shoulders, but if I have them too loose then they don’t stay up. Its a never ending problem haha. 

Thirdlove sent me over a lil’ PDF of easy solutions for all your bra problems, and its actually pretty helpful. Another struggle I find, is getting the right size. I’m don’t really have the biggest boobs ever, which some may say is lucky…which I guess it is a bit. Sizing isn’t too much of a worry, as its pretty straight forward buuuuut, not too long ago I got measured at Boux Avenue and it was a completely different reading to what I normally am. I think shops measure to their size of bras, so I think its worth going to a few places and see which suits you best. Just a little recommendation there for you haha.

I wish I could give some other tips about what to do when you’re having bra-lems, but I guess I’ll just let the PDF do the talking! Although I would say, having a different bra for different occasions (if you don’t already) haha. If like me, your boobs are a little erm far apart lets say…then push up bras are your best friend! I have two, one from Boux Avenue and Matalan, both really great and comfortable. For me, they really have to have a lot of padding in them to lift everything up (lol). But if I’m opting for an everyday bra, I usually go for a simple t-shirt bra because it provides the most comfort for me. Orrr, a good old Calvin Klein bra like this. Not the cheapest bra on the market, but trust me the comfort is just next level! I hope you enjoyed reading through this general chit-chat about bra-blems, and I’d love to know yours and any solutions you have, I’m all ears! I also have a 15% off code for you for ThirdLove if you’re interested: BRABLEMSJAN15.

– Lucy