My 2017 Goals

I’m aware I’m a bit late with popping this post up, but better late than never right?! Although I honestly can’t believe I’m already writing this. It felt like I was typing out my 2016 goals just yesterday, so crazy. I decided to do this again, as its something I can refer back to and see if I manage to achieve any of them!

01. Stick to a gym routine/get fitter

In November I finally joined the gym, and I’m really glad I did. I want to be able to have a routine and stick to it, as I want to get my fitness levels up. I’m pretty weak at the moment and do no exercise what so ever, so its something I’d love to achieve by the end of 2017. Actually, something else I’d like to add to this is gain some weight. I’m currently underweight, and would just like to get myself up to a healthier weight.

02. Travel outside of the UK

2016 was a great year for travelling in the UK, as I got to visit some places I’ve never been to before. But I think for 2017 the goal is to try and get myself out of the UK and see some more of the world. Fingers crossed!

03. Keep managing my anxiety

I’ve done so much better with managing my anxiety this year, and I’ve really improved a lot. But I want to push that a bit further and potentially get better at dealing with my emetophobia, which is something I’m going to aim to do each year until I have conquered it!

04. Pass my A Levels & head off to university

Crazy to think this year is my last year of being in compulsory education after about 14 years. I’d love to be able to finish (and pass) my A Levels with good marks and get myself into uni. Whether thats to do a foundation degree in art & design or start a photography degree, I’m not sure yet.

05. To read at least 10 books
I love reading so much, and I know I don’t do enough of it. The aim is to read at least 10 books by the end of the year, and I’m hoping I can nail this one. I’ll have a lot more free time after A Levels, so hopefully over summer I can read a good handful!

These goals aren’t as big as last years, but still ones I want to try and achieve. Heres to a positive 2017, all the best!

– Lucy