My Desk Tour

A while back I did a shelf tour, which went down pretty well and I’m still proud of the organisation of my shelf haha. So I thought I’d do a lil’ tour of my desk which sits underneath that shelf.

The desk I have is the IKEA MICKE. Its a pretty simple desk I must say, and it just houses little bits and bobs that don’t fit anywhere else. I have my stack of photography/other books on the right, and then some other bits you’ll see in the photos. Above my desk, I’ve pinned up some string to house special bits like photos and train tickets. I think it just adds a little something, and reminds you of the good times. Ohhh and I recently put some fairy lights above that as well, just to make it feel extra cosy haha. 

Hope you enjoyed having a little look around my desk, you can find the plant pot that I’ve used as a pen holder from IKEA, here.

– Lucy