What I Got For Christmas 2016

I’ve never done a what I got for christmas post before, but I love reading through them so I thought I’d share the goodies I received this year.

I know I’m a week late with uploading this, but better late than never right?! I was very lucky this year, as I am every year and I’m forever grateful for my wonderful family/friends. Little disclaimer that this isn’t a post where I’m going to brag on, but I’m sure you know and have heard that a million times by now. I’ll try and link everything, or link similar things.

Lets start with the smaller little knick knacks, so first I got a head massager. Bit of a random gift I know, but I really wanted one as I find them so relaxing haha. A got a tiny knitted cactus as well, one that I definitely can’t kill, I mean how cute though?! Next up, my very own clapper board which is taking pride of place next to my bed. You may think I’m about 5 but I received a little Sulley Tsum Tsum, and I’m in love…seriously how adorable. Monsters Inc is one of my favourite movies, so this means a lot haha. A marble and copper clip set, which is just so Pinterest-y, (god I hate myself for saying that). They’re so damn pretty though. The final two smaller bits were some little unicorn hand wipes, and copper tweezers – both of which I need in my life!

Onto the bigger bits, lets start with the DVDs. Kill Bill and Kill Bill Volume 2. I’ve never seen the Kill Bill movies, but I adore Uma Thurman, especially in Pulp Fiction, so I’m very excited to watch these. Finally, Estèe’s book Bloom. I’ve been dying to read this ever since she announced she was writing a book, so I’m very happy to have my own copy at last. The 1975 Rose Gold Necklace, something that was on my wish list. I’m a pretty hardcore fan, and this is super pretty. Alongside this, I got a bright pink tshirt from the 1975 merchandise. Then I also (finally) got a Superdrive for my Macbook, as it doesn’t have a disk drive. I can now watch allll the DVDs on my laptop with ease, yay!

And there we have it, what I got for christmas 2016! What did you receive this year?

– Lucy