An Ode To Original Source

Isn’t it great when you find a brand you love thats affordable, vegan and natural?!

Yes, I’m talking about Original Source. A brand I’ve loved for a long time now, mostly because they’re so affordable yet have some incredible scents. They’ve come out with a new range, called their shower milks. Theres four in the range, and each and every one smells incredible.

I think I should just start by talking about the formulation of these shower milk’s. Definitely different to their normal shower gel’s, but in a good way. They feel very moisturising and almost soft on the skin. Really nourishing in my opinion, and a pleasure to use! So the first scent I’ve chosen to explain is the Cherry and Almond Milk*. I’ll tell you what this smells of, cherry drops. If you have ever had cherry drop sweets before, you’ll know the exact scent I’m talking about. If you’re a fan of sweet scents, you’re gonna love this. Next up is the Lime and Coconut Milk*. For some reason, these are two scents I wouldn’t have put together but actually its a pretty good combo. I don’t think theres much explaining to do with this one, it simply smells like what it says on the tin (or bottle) haha!

Now one scent I was so excited to sniff was the Sweet Apple and Vanilla*. Even the colour of it looks cute, and I adoreeee both apple and vanilla scents. The two mixed together smell so sweet, but so nice. Again, if you’re a sweet scent lover I’d recommend picking this one up! And lastly, we have Green Banana and Bamboo*. A strange combination, because I mean what does bamboo even smell like?! But actually, this reminds me of foam banana sweets – soooooo good! Okay, so basically if you’re a lover of sweet scents you’re going to love this whole range haha.

The best thing about Original Source in my opinion, is the fact they’re a totally natural brand and also vegan. I think its so hard to find vegan products in the ‘drugstore’, I mean Lush is the only other shop that springs to mind that sells vegan products. So thats a huge bonus really, and the fact that their products smell/look amazing! I haven’t been told to say this by the way haha, but you can buy Original Source products in Boots and Superdrug!

Have you tried any Original Source products?

– Lucy

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