Butterflies In The Glasshouse: Wisley Gardens

wisley gardens, butterfly house, nature, forever september

Last Thursday I took a trip with my mum and her friend to Wisley Gardens. They currently have butterflies in their glass house, and it was something I had to see.

Look at the freakin transparent butterfly, nature is so amazing and beautiful. It took me ages to capture this little guy, but I think I managed to get a pretty cool shot in the end haha. There were soo many different types of butterfly in the glass house, and it was really lovely to actually see them up close, as you wouldn’t normally see them day to day in this country. So, sit back and enjoy some pretty photos of butterflies!

Hope you enjoyed that little selection of photos, I certainly enjoyed taking them. It was soo hot in the glass house though, it took a while for my camera to stop steaming up and actually climatise to the heat. Finally it did, and all was well. Although, I couldn’t cope after about an hour of being in there haha! I suppose it was quite nice though, compared to the bitter British weather outside.

Have you ever been to Wisley Gardens?

– Lucy