My First Time Photographing A Gig

As much as I love beauty and writing about it, I also want to share more personal pieces on here. On Thursday last week, I got to go to a small venue and photograph two bands.

I have never photographed a gig before, well obviously on my phone but I’m talking like with my SLR camera. Since I’m studying photography at the moment and want to (hopefully) go onto studying at uni, I thought photographing a band would be great for my portfolio. So I contacted The Boiler Room, which is a small venue in Surrey, and asked if I would be able to come along and photograph a band. I got the go ahead and went to photograph ‘Flamingods’. Not a band I would personally go and see, but their music is very interesting. However, there was also a ‘support act’ called Marble Empire who were absolutely brilliant. I prefer how the photographs of them turned out, so I thought I’d share some on here. I’d definitely recommend you go and give them a listen!

And there we have it, some of my ‘best’ photos of Marble Empire last Thursday. I really enjoyed photographing a band for the first time actually, even if it was a tiny bit stressful. Hopefully it’ll be something I’ll get better at over time, and get the equipment I need to make them look more professional! 

– Lucy