5 Things That Help Me Relax

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As someone who suffers with anxiety, relaxing is really important to me. And so it should be to everyone really, taking some time out of your day for yourself is a really good habit!

I think its so important to take some time out each day to relax. Gives you some time to unwind and have some time to yourself. I thought I’d share some things that really help me feel relaxed at the end of a long day.

Doing a face mask. You honestly can’t beat a good old’ face mask. One I’ve been particularly loving at the moment, is The Body Shop Seaweed Mask. If you take the time to get your pyjamas on, take off your makeup and do a face mask, you can instantly feel relaxed. While the face mask is drying for 10 minutes or so, just have a flick through a magazine or a book, you’re bound to feel so much more relaxed.

Watch ASMR videos or listen to calming music. ASMR isn’t for everyone. Not everyone gets triggered by the sound of tapping, or brushing, but personally I love it. It makes me feel very sleepy, and when I want to calm down or feel relaxed, I usually stick on an ASMR video. If not, it’ll be relaxing music or sounds. Such as rain falling, or waves crashing against the shore. 

Reading a mindfulness book. Reading any sort of book can make you feel well rested, but reading a mindfulness book can be even better. It really helps you think, and can give techniques on how to stay calm etc. One book I’ve really enjoyed reading is Mindfulness On The Go. Very easy to read and very informative. 

Sit down with a cup of tea and biscuit. I feel like this is a rather British thing to do haha. But you can’t beat a good cuppa to warm you through, and have a biscuit to dunk in with it. I find this helps me relax, as you just get to sit down for 5 minutes and just be. 

Writing/journaling. I’m currently doing a bullet journal, and its the best thing I’ve ever done. When I was little I used to write in a journal every day, and I stopped doing it as I got into secondary school. Bullet journalling is definitely a fun way to start journaling again, and its really relaxing just putting pen to paper.

What things help you to relax?

– Lucy