Shedding Some Positive Light

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I’m currently sat writing this post at half 11 on a Saturday night…wild!

In a recent post ‘life struggles‘ I basically had a moan about how tough life was for me at the moment. I just wanted to turn that around and post something more positive. Of course, everybody had their struggles, it wouldn’t be life otherwise. I think its important that every emotion is temporary and what you’re feeling, won’t last forever.

I think this is something I’ve learnt a lot over the past two years or so. Pain doesn’t last forever, and you won’t spend the rest of your life suffering. Whatever the situation you’re in is, its going to end at some point. For example, I’m loaded up to my eyeballs in college work right now. But by June its all going to be over and I’ll have three months free to do whatever I want. I was also having friendship issues and having to deal with bitchy people. Guess what? Thats all blown over now.

You’ve just got to take the bad times and embrace them. You’re going to hurt, and I guess you’ve just got to let yourself be down for however long. Because in the back of your mind you’ve got to remember its only temporary. I really need to take my own advice here, because usually when I’m down its the end of the world. But in reality, its not. I’m grateful I have positive energy around me 99% of the time, and its lovely to have a community of blogging girls that care and leave lovely comments as well. As long as you speak out, you’re never alone. I think I just wanted to write a positive post while I’m in a good state of mind, as its something I can refer back to.

“Pain is temporary, don’t give up”

Also, these photos were taken by my very talented friend Marcie for one of her A Level photography shoots. She’s also an amazing artist, so I’d highly recommend checking out here Instagram here

– Lucy