Why I Love Mint Green Tea

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I’m currently sat here watching the second episode of Broadchurch with a cup of mint green tea next to me.

Which got me thinking, how much I love mint green tea. I don’t really like hot drinks, I’m definitely a cold drinks kinda gal. But something about mint tea, thats just so good. 

It helps with bloating. I bloat pretty easily, and I know a lot of other people do as well. As gross as this might sound, it helps you burp. Which actually makes you feel a lot better. Drinking it after a big meal, or a day of eating a not so healthy diet, it really helps haha.

Its so soothing. Not feeling great? Have a cup of mint tea. Feeling tired? Have a cup of mint tea. Trust me, it just warms you right through, but also refreshes you at the same time. So overall its pretty soothing, and just super comforting.

It helps relieve heartburn. I get terrible heartburn sometimes, and it sucks. Mint is meant to help relieve heartburn, so what better opportunity than to have some mint tea? It warms you up, but also helps to keep the heartburn at bay. Perfect!

Its brilliant for your digestive system. Linking back to the whole bloating thing, mint tea is so good for your digestion. If you’re having some trouble yanoo, then a cup of this will be great.

Bit of a random Sunday post for you, but gotta share my love for mint green tea!

– Lucy