Wardrobe Essentials: The Denim Jacket

Welcome to a mini series of wardrobe essentials, where I talk through a few staple pieces in my wardrobe.

To start off the mini series, I have the classic denim jacket. I only added a denim jacket to my wardrobe about a year and a half ago, and I should have done it sooner. Its such a versatile piece that works with so many different outfits. However, here I paired it with a simple and comfy outfit. Usually how I like to wear my denim jacket. 

First off, I have a Levi’s ‘vintage’ denim jacket. I actually bought this off Depop for £15, which I thought was an absolute bargain. Definitely worth shopping around for a Levi’s denim jacket, they’re all over the place, eBay, Depop etc. I’ve paired it was a stripy top from Urban Outfitters, that sits really nicely underneath the jacket itself. I’m not the biggest fan of double denim, so obviously opted for some leggings. These are from Topshop, and are the best leggings I’ve ever tried. They’re super thick which means no embarrassing moments where you can see ya pants through them haha! Please tell me we’ve all been there?! Anyway, they’re very comfy and very versatile. Finally, the shoes. I opted for my floral Vans. I adore Vans, they’re so comfy and so classic. These floral ones add a pop of colour to the almost monochrome outfit too. 

And how can I forget the bag?! The dupe of the century, from Matalan. This looks very similar to the Chloe bags, but for a fraction of the price. Its a bit of a Mary Poppins bag as well, it fits so much in, even though it doesn’t look as though it would. As for my rings, they’re all from Pandora. Also, please excuse the very windswept photo there, as you can imagine, it was a lil bit windy down on the beach front haha.

– Lucy